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Dior Moschino Clutches Outlet bag: A closer look

Look at the new Moschino Clutches Outlet Bag because you won't see the Dior Panarea Bag again in boutiques. The Panarea Bag is no longer available.

The Moschino Clutches Outlet Bag was supposed to replace Dior's Panarea Bag but, due to the large leather gap between the two bags,Moschino Shoulder Bags Outlet it won't ever replace the original Panarea Bag.

Dior Moschino Clutches Outlet bag

The Moschino Clutches Outlet Bag has better leather,Moschino Clutches Outlet craftsmanship and design than Dior's Panarea bag. It is more luxurious, but also more costly. The price is more than twice as much compared to the Panarea bag.

The Ultra Dior Bag still looks stunning with its shiny chain strap, and the DIOR charm at the front. The interior has a zip-up closure so you can safely store your essentials. This bag can be used for both shopping and work.

The price of the bag is 1800 euros.

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