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Everyone is welcome. Hundreds of volunteers will need to be available later this year to collect pollution from the South Korean Hangang River. Check Seoul KFEM's digital channels for more details.

The Hangang LE is based on Aquis Small Seconds. It takes the Aquis aesthetic, and adds a shimming sunburst dial in emerald green that evokes the creek water at the Hangang's source and the lush vegetation along its banks.Rolex DateJust Replica The caseback features an engraving of the Hangang making its way across Korea, as well as the LE number. The water-resistance of all Aquis dive watch is generously 300M.

The Rolex DateJust Replica Hangang Limited Edition. The Rolex DateJust Replica Hangang Limited Edition is a new limited edition diver’s watch that supports a Seoul-based initiative to clean South Korea’s Hangang River.


Move with ease

Rolex DateJust Replica 743 automatic winding movement with 38-hour power reserve

Case Study

43.50mm stainless steel multi-piece case with unidirectional rotating bezel and ceramic insert


Security folding clasp bracelet in stainless steel metal with extension

Price and Availability

Available in late August as a 2000 piece series;omega de ville replica MSRP $2600.

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