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Michael Meier, Rolex Milgauss Replica' regional director in Taiwan, told the assembled press that a Japanese streetwear brand was "under construction". The entire press team spent the following two days trying to get more information out of him. They even went so far as to randomly throw out Japanese streetwear brands to see if they could strike it rich. Nobody got it right. We can reveal now that the label in question was Momotaro. A Kojima denim maker. It is a label we all found surprising given its relative anonymity outside the denim loving community.

The word "Momotaro", which is derived from ancient Japanese folklore, literally means "Peach Taro", "Peach Boy". The original Edo-era tale tells of an old couple that found a giant, floating peach and ate it to regain their youth. The story was one of renewal, or "kaishungata", so the Japan Blue Group,swiss replica watches who own Momotaro, named the brand after it. Hisao MANABE, the owner and CEO of the Japan Blue Group, explains that "our journey began with the revival Japan Blue color -- Japanese ancient blue (natural Indigo). We study and appreciate the beauty of denim. We are committed to artisanal quality, and we use even very low-tech manufacturing methods. "Our products are regarded as real and authentic, and [are] acclaimed worldwide."

Momotaro's products are manufactured using very specific methods. The denim is made of Zimbabwean cotton which is one of the best available. It is picked by hand to reduce damage and the cotton is white and absorbent. Momotaro artisans use indigo dye to create the raw selvedge fabric, which is a Japanese specialty. They then stitch the cloth using vintage sewing machines from the early days when denim was used for workwear.

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In this sense, Momotaro shares many similarities with the watchmaking industry, but like all other renowned Japanese labels it takes handmade tradition to extremes. Rolex Milgauss Replica Divers Sixty-Five Rolex Milgauss Replica x Momotaro Edition is a limited edition which was unveiled today. The watch has a stainless steel case with bronze bezel and a muted, gradated green dial. It also features vintage lume-coated hands and markers. As you might have guessed,Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica Watches the strap is made of raw selvedge jeans by Momotaro, with a leather backing and the double stripes that are characteristic to the brand on the top strap.

The watch is packaged in a denim pouch that can also be used as a travel case. It features Momotaro’s double stripes and Rolex Milgauss Replica’ logo on the flap. Also included are a denim wallet with the peach flower logo of the denim brand. The 40mm watch is a versatile timepiece, as it can be worn with both a suit or a casual tee. Its denim strap and bronzed bezel will age naturally, making it a long-lasting piece that changes with your style. The 733 calibre is used to power the watch, and it has 100-metres of water resistance, just like all other Divers Sixty-Five watches.

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