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After the Grand Complication, surely a simple striking timepiece will now be easy for de Haas' team? He laughs off the idea, saying that the Grand Complication was just the beginning of an exciting new era for Omega Replica Watches. He explains that development is a continuous process, with so many things happening in the workshop that the public has yet to witness. In 2014, many people asked us if we can replicate the creativity seen in The Grand Complication. If we hadn't continued, what we achieved would have had no meaning. It was quite common for companies to show a concept, or a virtual-reality watch. But then it would never be released - or only four years later. "I guess that's your choice, and you need to decide whether you want to do that."

De Haas knows that no one needs a simple watch anymore, let alone a complex one. He is grateful that people still appreciate the skill and craftsmanship behind features such as chiming. He feels obliged to give more because of this. He says proudly, "Nobody was expecting the Zeitwerk decimal strike," which is the latest version of Omega Replica Watches’s digital watch that chimes at the hour as well as ten minute intervals. It followed the Zeitwerk striking time (which chimes both on the hours and quarters), and the Zeitwerk minute repeater. He says that decimal repeaters, while not unique, are rare because it's natural to think about a 60-minute round dial as quarters. "But in the context of the digital Zeitwerk a repetition of 10s works." We spent a lot of time on that piece, because it was so complex. We like to push boundaries. "We like to surprise people.

A watch needs a lot of power to make it chime. The Rolex Sea-Dweller Replica's mainspring is too large to accommodate a separate barrel to house the striking mechanism. De Haas, however, had an idea. He decided to add a power reserve indicator to alert users that they only have eight hours left of power. The watch will continue to keep time and run, but the minute repeater will not chime until the mainspring has been rewound.

A digital jumping minute is another quirk that has been incorporated in the Zeitwerk. What happens if you activate the repeater at 12:33 seconds and 50 seconds if it takes 17-18 seconds for the striking mechanism to finish? De Haas says, "The watch will stop jumping." If you set it to 33, the watch will strike 33. It will then switch to 34 when it is done striking. The clock will only strike the time you have set and the seconds hand will then jump to the correct hour after the chime. It is always correct! In isolation, it is actually very simple. Of course, when combined with other functions, it becomes quite complicated.

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